Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We Have Arrived!

We have arrived in London after a very long trip. We were delayed two hours at BWI with the storms that went through Tuesday, but we made it through okay. We did our first walking tour of the city after we checked in and we got to see Trafalgar Square, Piccadily Circus, the National Gallery, Chinatown and Soho. We also had our first dinner of fish and chips and we were able to celebrate Ryan's 16th birthday.

We are all very tired, so we are going to keep this short. More tomorrow (along with some pics and maybe some video).


labraham said...

Wonderful!!! I figured everyone would be exhausted, so get some rest tonight. This blog is awesome, and I look forward to following along everyday. Tell Devron I said, "Hi!"

LaRay(Devron's Mom)

Nya said...


I am Devron's grandmother. I am excited that you all arrived safely and are having a wonderful time. Tell, Devron Nya said hi and have a fantastic trip.


Kristin said...

Hope everyone enjoyed the West End Theater performance of Spamalot.

It's just a flesh wound!

Hi Patrick K. and Will!

Kristin (Patrick's Mom)

Kristin said...

Happy Father's Day to all the dads on the London trip who are away from their families to be with our MSJ boys!